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Client A

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Industry: Skin Care

Year: 2019

Background: help a leading certified B-corp skincare brand in Taipei to conduct comprehensive market entry analysis including competitiveness intelligence, pricing analysis, route-to-market strategy and market entry plan.

Outcome: the brand was ready for US launch in 2020 with product line upgrade at proper price segment.  


Client B

Location: Bay Area, California

Industry: Beverage Automation

Year: 2020

Background: manage overall marketing handling for a beverage automation startup to visualize new beverage brand from positioning, product design, commercialization, website building, pricing and build a new team for the company.

Outcome: products launched in multiple markets in 2020 plus a clear brand roadmap down for next 3 years. Wantings & Company also helped the company to build a well structured internal team and conduct necessary trainings for team's competency enhancement. 

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